Bankart lesions

Bankart lesions are a common complication of anterior shoulder dislocation. Bankart lesions are injuries specifically at the anteroinferior aspect of glenoid labral complex. Glenoid labral complex include labrum and associated glenohumeral capsule/ligaments. In Bankart lesions there is detachment of the anteroinferior labrum from the underlying glenoid. 


Variants of Bankart lesions: 

1. Perthes lesion of the shoulder: there is tear of the glenoid labrum with an intact scapular periosteum.  

2. Anterior Labroligamentous Periosteal Sleeve Avulsion (ALPSA): mobilized labrum remains attached to glenoid periosteum.

On MRI there is frank displacement/separation of the anterior glenoid labrum, with or without glenoid fracture fragment, we can also see linear high signal intensity through the non-displaced anteroinferior labrum, indicating tear, we can also see abnormally small or absent anterior labrum.


Bankart lesions do heal and early surgical intervention is not required.